ThermaViz® - A highly integrated, multi-sensor system generating sophisticated image analysis for feedback control of additive manufacturing process parameters.

The integration of advanced optical diagnostics and intelligent materials processing; success in sophisticated electro-optical instrumentation systems in harsh environments.

Temperature & Dimensional Measurement Sensors

Stratonics Sensor Technology Document

Stratonics has a successful history of developing advanced optical sensors for testing high-speed missiles and airborne laser systems. The research, development, and implementation of complex aero-optic sensors for harsh environments have been transferred to new sensor technologies for a variety of metal processing procedures. Company Info

Our industrial sensors are constructed in a rugged housing that ensures reliable operation. The systems include a sophisticated software package that provides real-time measurements and a user-friendly interface that displays the entire sensor process. Stratonics works closely with its clients to assist in sensor hardware integration and a fully integrated I/O interface to the clients' equipment.

Surface ThermaViz®

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Particle SpectraViz

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