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Welcome to Stratonics

Stratonics is a widely recognized leader in sensor and control technology for additive manufacturing (AM). Extensive collaboration with technology leaders provides instrumental experience to understand the problems facing the industry and deliver pertinent solutions. We support our technology and customers’ goals through on-site training and technical consultation, thereby supplying necessary tools to researchers advancing AM and industrial clients achieving a competitive edge.

Our innovative ThermaViz® Multi-Sensor System is integrated into multiple platforms and its universal compatibility provides users with a critical tool to manufacture components with consistent material properties.

  • Real-time high resolution thermal measurements
  • Image acquisition and analysis software customized specifically for AM processes
  • Feedback control of process parameters to maintain thermal conditions
  • Record digital data thread enabling machine-to-machine repeatability

Stratronics America Makes

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ThermaViz® Multi-Sensor System provides visualization and thermal measurement of additive manufacturing technologies, including melting, solidification and global heat flow. Our data analytic algorithms extract key temperature, dimensional, and stability metrics to assess process quality.


Applications to metal and plastic printers include laser deposition, direct metal laser sintering (DMLS), and fused deposition modeling (FDM). Our sensing techniques, analysis, and correlation provide linkage between process parameters, microstructure, and material properties. 


Stratonics’ engineering design and customized hardware provides collaborative sensor integration for global heat flow monitoring and direct or co-axial melt pool viewing. Product training and support of system applications accelerate the development of client solutions.