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Join Us at the RAPID 2016 Conference

Stratonics Rapid 2016

If you can measure it, you can control it!
Controlled 3D processes lead to part quality & repeatability.

Stratonics Inc. will be on-site at the RAPID 2016 Conference showcasing the need for sensors and control in additive manufacturing (AM) and how our ThermaViz® Sensor System technology can provide the right tools and solutions to meet your requirements.

Stratonics Sensors Analysis SolutionsAs the integration of sensor and control technology ramps up to improve additive manufacturing systems, Stratonics is at the forefront. With both a melt pool imaging sensor and global heat flow imaging sensor, measuring and controlling the process comes within reach. Characterizing the melt pool with high resolution vision thermography systems allows our users to control their AM process and produce consistent parts. Process verification and part certification remain a significant hurdle facing the industry and Stratonics solutions are strategically positioned to advance the acceptance of AM technology.


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