R&D contracts and projects enhance our development and validate our sensor technology both in additive manufacturing and flow diagnostics. Collaborating with three core branches of partners and customers provides significant advantages:

Research Leaders: Universities, National Labs, Research Institutes

  • involvement in the forefront of advancing technologies
  • utilization of state of the art equipment
  • jointly pursue solutions

Component Manufacturers: Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), DOD Suppliers, Industry

  • understand manufacturing processes, road blocks, and requirements

AM Equipment Manufacturers

  • gain first-hand knowledge of equipment operation, including limitations and advantages
  • coordinate electro-mechanical, optical, and software integration

Establishing a clear understanding of the client’s needs and challenges collaboratively results in fully integrated instruments, delivering critical information and solutions. The Stratonics team has a successful history of managing research and development programs and transitioning innovation to state-of-the-art products for industry.

R&D sensor technologyR&D in Flow Diagnostics sensor technology