Flow Diagnostics Research and Development



Plenoptic Non-Intrusive Measurement for High Speed Ground Test Environments

ABSTRACT: Light field imaging with a plenoptic camera offers a new approach to 3D flow diagnostics that is well suited for application in high speed ground test facilities. Stratonics is teaming with Auburn University to transition plenoptic based flow diagnostics from the laboratory into the high-speed ground test environment. As part of this effort, the team will evaluate various plenoptic based imaging diagnostics and assess their potential and readiness for application in a high speed ground test facility. As part of this evaluation effort, we will conduct a proof-of-concept experiment of select 3D flow diagnostics at Auburn University using a custom built plenoptic camera. Based on this analysis and with significant consultation with our ground test partner, we will formulate a detailed plan for the development and implementation of a plenoptic based flow measurement technique to be executed in phase II. As a phase I option, we will also design and conduct proof-of-concept experiment in a high speed ground test facility with the experiments serving to inform a more extended and in-depth phase II effort.

Aero-Optics Research

Stratonics is widely known for its development and implementation of aero-optic evaluation instrumentation as it relates to turbulence, optical propagation, liquid atomization, optical diagnostics, laser holography, and particle dynamics. Instrumentation systems for Ballistic Missile Defense Technology included laser holography and other advanced optical sensors integrated and applied to missile defense challenges where high energy lasers or on board optical sensors are strongly affected by airflow over aircraft or missile window. These sensor systems, installed in wind tunnels, shock tunnels facilities, and flight test aircraft, provided assessment of flow optical quality over laser apertures and guidance sensor windows.

Airborne Laser Program

  • Air Force Weapons Lab
  • Air Force WPAFB
  • Army BMD ATC
  • Aerospace companies: McDonnell Douglas, Boeing, Rockwell, Lockheed

Missile Defense Interceptor

  • High Endo-atmospheric Defense Interceptor (HEDI) Program
  • Ballistic Missile Defense Office, BMDO
  • Strategic Defense Initiative Office, SDIO

Stratonics designed and constructed the Aero-Optic Evaluation Center (AEOC), a wide-band (VIS/IR) instrument for the Calspan University of Buffalo Research Center (CUBRC) Large Energy National Shock (LENS) Tunnel. LENS is a hypervelocity tunnel for full-scale missile interceptor testing under flight conditions.

Thermal Spray Research

Optical sensor prototypes were developed under the Small Business Innovative Research Program Office to continuously monitor particles throughout the field of view in thermal spray processes and measure particle temperature, velocity, and size. The ability to measure molten particle conditions in real-time enables process monitoring with greater precision and control, thereby increasing efficiency and reliability.

Development of Advanced Optical Diagnostics and Measurement Systems for Metals Processing Research


Two-wavelength Thermal Imaging Solutions to Materials Process Control Needs

An Imaging Sensor for Measuring and Controlling the Particle Conditions in Thermal Sprays


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