Stratronics melt pool sensors heat flow sensorsThermaViz® is a complete system that delivers real-time, true temperature images and measurements with its melt pool and global heat flow sensors. The Melt Pool Sensor provides precise temperature measurement using 2-wavelength (λ) pyrometry technology and high resolution thermal images. The 2λ approach effectively eliminates sensitivity to emissivity; where as other 1λ technologies require the emissivity to be estimated and set.

A broad range of thermal and dimensional aspects of the melt pool are measured in real-time; peak and average temperature, solidification contour and dimensions (area, length and width), heating and cooling rates.

The DMLS ThermaViz Sensor has specific key enhancements over the Laser Metal Deposition Sensor to achieve the key requirements of capturing and resolving the smaller and higher speed melt pool in this advanced dynamic process. The Global Heat Flow (GHF) Sensor provides measurements of the deposit side view or the melt pool in an extended lower temperature range. Real temperature measurements are obtained from the GHF Sensor when correlated simultaneously to the Melt Pool Sensor data. All sensors are packaged for harsh environments.

heat flow sensors

Laser Metal Deposition Standard Melt Pool Sensor

    • CMOS imaging technology  Detector dimensions:752×480 pixels  pixel spacing 6.45 microns
    • Exposure: 1 – 130 milliseconds
    • Frame rate: 25 frames/second @ 12 bit output
    • Optical system Resolution range: 10 µm/pixel – 1 mm/pixel
    • Field of view range: 5 mm – 500 mm
    • Temperature Range:1000-2500° C  Physical dimensions: 6.25″ W    6.5″ L     3.5 ” H, 5 lbs.
    • Integration: co-axial to laser or direct view in chamber
Stratonics Sensors 1 heat flow sensors

DMLS High Speed Melt Pool Sensor

      • CMOS imaging technology
        Detector dimensions:1024x1024pixels
        pixel spacing 8.0 microns
      • Exposure: 0.01 – 400 milliseconds
      • Frame rate: 100 frames/second
        @ 12 bit output
      • Frame rate: (1000 x 100 pixels)
        1000 frames/second
      • Frame rate (100 x 100 pixels)
        10,000 frames/second
      • Optical system
        Resolution range: 10 – 20 µm/pixel
        Field of view (full) 20 x 20 mm
        Field of view (1000 x 100 pixels)
        20 x 2 mm
        Field of view (100 x 100 pixels)
        2 x 2 mm
      • Temperature Range: 1000-2500° C
      • Physical dimensions:
        6.25″ W 6.5″ L 3.5 “H, 5 lbs.
      • Integration: co-axial to laser or direct view in chamber
 heat flow sensors

 LMD, DMLS, FDM Global Heat Flow Sensor
      • Infrared imaging technology
      • Detector dimensions:640×480 pixels
      • Optical system
        33 mm manual focus lens
        Focus: 100mm to infinity
        Field of View: 20 x 15 degrees
        Resolution 0.1 mm/pixel @ 355mm
      • Frame rate: 30 Hz
      • Temperature range: 400-2500°C
      • Physical dimensions:
        3.375” W 6” L 3.375” H, 1 lb.
      • Integration: stationary or active sensor positioning

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