ThermaViz® Software

Stratonics sensors are controlled with Windows-based ThermaViz® Software. Powerful operating modes are available to monitor, record, archive, extract, and analyze data. Radiance and temperature movies can be synchronized to process events, recorded, and reviewed for analysis.

Laser Metal Deposition

Sensor Set-up Features

  • ThermaViz melt pool sensor
    • Exposure adjustment
  • Global heat flow sensor
    • Fixed exposure


  • Displays live, real-time temperature thermal imagery data
  • Triggered data acquisition synchronized to external hardware signal
  • Samples regions of interest for data extraction
    • Hot Spot Tracking
  • Displays profiles, time histories, and histograms of thermal and dimensional data
  • Monitor and control: thermal and dimensional metrics
  • Computes temperature images
    • Melt Pool: 2 wavelength calibration
    • Global Heat Flow IR: 1 wavelength calibration
  • Archives thermal image movies for analysis

Post Processing

  • Exports imagery and data in standard formats: .bmp, .emf, .avi,.csv.
  • Data Extraction
    • Thermal & dimensional metrics, archived on a frame by frame basis

Real Time Global Heat Flow Sensor software ThermaViz

Real Time Melt Pool Sensor software ThermaViz

Metric Based Precision Process Control software Thermaviz

Extraction software ThermaViz

Direct Metal Laser Sintering

Sensor Setup for High Speed Acquisition

  • ThermaViz melt pool sensor
    • Fast exposure, freezes melt pool motion
    • High magnification, resolves melt pool
    • Field of view/Frame rate
      • Full window: 1000 x 1000 pixels, 20 x 20 mm, 150 Hz
      • 1D window: 100 x 1000 pixels, 2 x 20 mm, 1500 Hz
      • 2D window: 100 x 100 pixels, 2 x 2 mm, 15,000 Hz
    • Data (movies) recorded during each layer
    • Data archived for post analysis
  • Global heat flow sensor
    • Fixed exposure,
    • Frame Rate, 30 Hz
    • Field of view, entire powder bed
    • Resolution, 2 pixels/mm
    • Data recorded throughout deposit

Post Processing

  • Exports imagery and data in standard formats: .bmp, .emf, .avi, .cvs
  • Samples regions of interest for data extraction, Hot Spot Tracking
  • ThermaViz melt pool sensor
    • Thermal images computed from 2 wavelength calibration
    • Measures melt pool temperature, size, heating and cooling rates
  • Global heat flow sensor
    • Thermal images computed from 1 wavelength calibration
    • 0bserves long term heat flow in deposits and powder bed, (residual stress)
  • Data extraction
    • thermal, dimensional and gradient
    • thermal images, large files, csv
    • client analysis, Mat Lab
  • Regions of Interest software ThermaVizGlobal Heat Flow Sensor software ThermaVizDefect Identification software ThermaViz

    Meltpool Metrics software Thermaviz

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